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Before travelling overseas, it is important to be aware of the possible health risks and how to prevent problems, or minimise the chances of them occurring. Most importantly, you should know:

  • whether there are any specific health risks in the country you are travelling to for which you need to take precautions - for example, malaria.
  • how to avoid becoming ill when you are abroad.
  • what to do if you do become ill when you are abroad.
  • how to get emergency medical treatment when you are abroad.

Please look at the following website, to read the information for the county you are visiting.

Other useful websites to look at are:-

If you are travelling abroad, you may require extra immunisations and injections. In order that we can organise to give you these, we need to know the full details of your travel plans. Please note that we need advance notice of your travel plans: if you telephone less than 4 weeks of your planned travel date, we may have to redirect you to another travel service.

A fee is payable for some vaccinations required for travel purposes though most are available free of charge. Malaria tablets are also available free. Details of vaccine charges are available at the Surgery.

Our nurse can provide advice on immunisations or malaria prophylaxis if you are travelling to an “at risk” area. You can book an appointment for this service directly via our reception.

There is a charge of:

  • £30 per shot for the Hepatitis B injection.
  • £40 for the Meningitis ACWY injection.

Patients are advised to have their travel vaccines at least 4 weeks before travelling in order to let the immunisations take effect.